Using Self Help
(Recommended to seek legal advice before taking any action)



When facing a legal matter, you should promptly contact an appropriate attorney for legal advice.
If you facing an emergency where you feel unsafe, call 911

Can I use Self Help tools to protect my rights in legal matters?

Education is very important.  Knowledge is power, but to a limited degree.  In the law, there are things we can do to protect our rights without needing a lawyer.  For example, we can be sure to read  and understand documents before signing them.   We can put oral agreements in writing so they can be enforced   When problems arise, we can document them and send letters to confirm problems or conversations about resolving them.  However, when legal documents are served or when action is threatened or commenced, or when you feel your rights have been violated it is time to consider specialized legal assistance right away. 

Can I just do my own legal research and follow a the advice I see on the web or in a book?

Educating oneself in any area of the law is commendable.  The problem with Landlord-Tenant law is that the world of books or online help sites and the real world of courts do not always agree.  Many times a book or web site may tell you that there is a law or procedure available but not how it may or may not apply to your specific situation or even the city in which you live.  Using such resources to learn about your rights is a good thing, but acting on that research without legal advice can be very risky.

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  The information provided herein is of a general nature and is not intended to be taken as specific legal advice.  For legal advice in a particular situation, promptly consult with an appropriate  attorney