When is it important
to see a Lawyer ?

Self Help

Going to Court



When facing a legal matter, you should promptly contact an appropriate attorney for legal advice.
If you facing an emergency where you feel unsafe, call 911

We in a complex society filled with so many laws and regulations which constantly change and evolve such that even lawyers have difficulty keeping up with all of them.  To help protect your rights, sometimes it is necessary to seek the assistance of a an experienced attorney

Is the situation really a Legal matter?

In the world of Landlord Tenant and occupant Law, a legal situation may include most any agreement, demand, complaint or document as between a Landlord and Tenant.  These can include issues of oral agreements, complaints about treatment of a tenant, letters of complaint, written notes and ANY official notice about the tenancy. 

Can situations be handled with simple common sense?

The law sometimes lends itself to an understanding with simple common sense.  Things that seem wrong are many times illegal.  Unfortunately, in Landlord-Tenant matters, the law in California contains many aspects that defy common sense.  The use of common sense alone in legal situations can lead to serious consequences.  The law is what guides the courts.

Which Attorney should I call?

Landlord-Tenant Law and the laws involving possession before and after a foreclosure are very technical and complex.  It is an area of the Law that is best handles by attorneys experienced in this area of the law.

The information provided herein is of a general nature and is not intended to be taken as specific legal advice.  For legal advice in a particular situation, promptly consult with an appropriate attorney.

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