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Should I represent myself in an eviction court trial?

You have probably heard  "A lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client."  Doctors know better than to treat or operate on themselves.  The same goes for tenants or other occupants facing a court eviction.  Trials are very complicated and while you are not required to retain an attorney, attorney representation may be the best option.

Why can't I negotiate on my own with the opposing attorney?

That is possible of course but with effective representation, there may be no trial since your own attorney can settle the case out of court. 

What can I do if I represented myself at trial and lost?

If you lost your case at trial, your options are limited.  You can appeal but there are other procedures available besides appeal including a motion for a new trial and other options as guided by your attorney.

What can I do if I made a bad settlement with the Landlord?

In most cases, you even state in court that you understand and agree to the deal.  In these cases, you are usually stuck with the settlement.  With attorney assistance, you may be able to get a better situation and result/

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